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Forced into marriage to a man she’s never met, Evangeline thinks she’ll never know love. When she finds it in a most unlikely place, will she follow her heart or her honor?

Amidst a varied and colorful cast of characters, and set against the backdrop of Arthur’s court at Camelot, Evangeline Matera, a young Frankish lady, makes her journey from idealistic girl to a married woman faced with difficult choices. She is lost in a strange place after her husband is sent to fight for the king. She has no family, no friends, and had only barely begun to know the man to whom she had been given before she was suddenly left to her own devices. With a head full of romantic notions and an immature girl’s desire for excitement, Evangeline is tempted by the arrival of a young, handsome knight.

Does she try to make a life with the stranger that is her husband, or risk everything for the man she loves?

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A summer holiday on the northeastern coast might sound like heaven to most people, but for Alexandra, it’s the worst possible thing in the world. She is fifteen, headstrong, and absolutely devastated to learn that her mother is sending her to spend the summer with her ‘crazy aunt’ instead of allowing her to sail away with her best friend.  Penda, Alexandra’s aunt, is more than eager to have her young niece stay, but the visit begins under less than ideal circumstances for both of them as their dynamic personalities clash.

Alexandra is forced to face her insecurities and fears for her future over the course of the first “real” summer she’s ever known. Alexandra finds that she is able to learn about herself through art and that when she looks, she can see herself reflected in the love of those around her.

A delightful story for the young and the young at heart, One Real Summer will touch the heart of the reader and bring back memories of innocence and learning.

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