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Born to an English-teacher mother, there was little chance that Madolyn wouldn’t at least respect the written word. Everything from Shakespeare to a cereal box would catch her attention until every syllable had been read. This early and enduring love affair would in turn serve her well in her position as Editor of her high school’s literary magazine.

College found her writing and editing for yet another literary magazine, but she soon began concentrating on her other creative outlet – Theatre. Over time, she spent less and less time on creative endeavors until she met Quicksylver, Inc’s President, G. Russell Gaynor. Through his influence, she realized how much she had missed writing, and began to test the waters once again.

That testing has resulted in quite a few accolades, including poems published in various trade magazines and as a winner of a Short Story competition for Ebony Magazine. After completing a young-adult novel, she began work on a novel-length adaptation of one of her screenplays – a project that resulted in a popular romance novel.

A true romantic at heart, enduring themes of love in all of its forms are to be found in her writing whether screenplay, short story, novel or poem.

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